How To Join

Contact us or come to one of our meetings! 


Induction is a simple ceremony whereby you will be installed by our Lt. Governor or a club member and receive a lapel pin and welcome package.  All members will welcome you into our club.


Our meetings are held at Pizza Ranch on Wednesdays at noon except the 5th Wednesday of the month then we have a 6:00 P.M. evening meeting at Dino's

Membership Expectations

As a member, you would ask that you attend the meetings you can, if you career allows; commit time to fundraising projects, such as: Bingo, Brat Sales and others; be on Committees and offer new ideas and suggestions to the Club. You could be an officer, on the Board of Directors, and/or ask for meetings speakers.

Membership Dues

Dues are $45.00 semi-annual or $90.00 per year.   Why do we have to pay dues as a service club member volunteering our time and talents in our community?   Dues are collected because we are afflicted with our state and international chapters, need insurance, receive the state newsletter, and the international magazine. Our state and international chapters provide us with resources, workshops, and conventions to continue to develop our leadership abilities and service to children and our community.

Lunch is currently $10.00 weekly when you attend a noon meeting, this includes the meal, beverage, dessert and tip. Lunch is an option.